Our promise to the Environment & Ethos

Litora was founded during the pandemic by two best friends who had always dreamed of creating a brand together. After a decade of friendship, they decided to take the leap and create a brand they are truly passionate about; combining a life long love affair with the ocean and their own personal passion for sustainability.
Litora is a sustainable swimwear brand built around the idea of creating timeless pieces that will become staples in our customers’ wardrobes and lifestyles. Each products unique style, shape and colour was designed with care, to transcend fad trends and incorporate the elements of spirituality and astrology which inspired us on this journey of creation.
We launched on 22/02/2022 - an important date for us as it represents the angel number 222: the number 222 symbolises positivity, good luck and joy.
We are proud of what we have created so far and hope you join us on this journey;
this is just the start for Litora.

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